Last day in Floripa!

These last weeks have been full of excitement, new experiences and new impressions. I have been snorkeling on a little island, been to a truly brazilian football game, paddled in the Atlantic ocean and gone hiking.

I have also said goodbye to many of my friends, who are traveling home for Easter. Me and Hilde had our last day in the favela this week, and it was with mixed feelings I left. I was kind of happy, knowing that I had completed my work there, but kind of sad thinking about all the kids and workers there who I most likely will not see again. We also had our last bible group, our last meeting with Munil and tomorrow will be our last service here in Florianópolis. Today I even took the dogs out for a last trip around the neighborhood.

It has been a wonderful experience to be here in Florianópolis, and I have met so many friendly people. I leave here with more knowledge, which I hope will be useful in the future. The people here have included me in their community, their families, and their lives. Especially thanks to my host family, obrigado!


One Response to “Last day in Floripa!”

  1. marialuice Says:

    Så spennande å lesa! Du e hvertfall veldi flinke te å skriva… du må skriva merr! eg har så sykt lust te å veda ke du gjorde når du snorkla og alt det der! 😀 hørres kjekt ud, glede meg te å lesa ke du ska jørr vidare fram øve… Lykke te vidare! kosa deg masse ^^

    Klem fra Maria Luice 😀

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